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Helping To Protect Valuable Assets In Data Centres

In today’s electronic age, data centres and server farms that hold hundreds of servers keep our daily lives and the data we depend on flowing.

Why is it important to avoid data server meltdown? To protect the files they store that can include everything from…

  • Personal photos and videos that sync between devices
  • Top Secret government files
  • Corporate accounting information
  • Personal online shopping details
  • Sales and customer management records
  • Patient and health records

But what happens when the building housing those critical servers gets too hot?

Server shut down or data loss can happen.

We’ve seen issues where the AC failed in a data centre, causing the servers to become “excellent objects for frying eggs on” which is bad, bad, bad for the data being stored on them.

This is why many of these server farms and data centres set high temperature alerts.

A typical high temperature alert for a data centre or server farm admin will be set between 80-85F (26.7-29.4C), letting them know that when the server room gets that hot, they need to do something before server “meltdown-point” occurs. 

Admins are often directed to shut down servers when the room they’re residing in reaches 90-100F (32.2-37.8C) to protect the hardware and data that is stored on them.

Insulate to Keep Servers Cool

As you can image, insulating the roof and walls of the building that houses the servers can help significantly, especially during the hottest months. Insulating with Synavax™ coatings has been proven to be the easiest and most cost effective way to keep these buildings cooler. It’s an easy paint-on solution that can be installed in a day and can produce significant positive results.

Roofs are easily insulated with our Crystal clear roof coating. Walls, ductwork, and ceilings are just as easily insulated with our Energy Protect™ clear building coating.


Synavax™ Coatings Stop Server Shutdown Lowering Data Centre Temperature by 27%


Synavax™ worked with the Mexican government many years ago on this very issue. Their main data centre in Monterrey, Mexico for their Social Security and Health Administration housed multiple patient records on the servers. These records were accessed daily by doctors and hospitals throughout the country.

During the hot summer months, their server room was reaching 92.7F (33.7C), which caused the emergency protocol for server shutdown to kick in. When the servers shut down, doctors could not reach vital patient information.

Our Crystal clear insulating roof coating, at a 3-coat application, was applied to the roof of the data centre. The result was that in a year-over-year independent evaluation, the temperature was reduced by 27%. During the same hot months, the temperature only reached 76.1F (24.5C) after being insulated with our product, which was just fine for normal server operation.

Stay Cool and Keep Your Data and Equipment Safe!

So much of the world’s infrastructure in the 21st century requires data servers for operation and storage. Keeping global business running depends upon their reliable second-to-second operation, and zero meltdowns!

If you or your IT department are looking for a way to keep the buildings that house your servers and electronics insulated, just get in touch to see how our thermal insulation coatings can easily keep your buildings cooler and keep your servers up and running.

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