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Helping a Regional Airport Prevent Condensation

A regional airport authority came to us because condensation was dripping down from their air conditioning ductwork through the ceiling tile onto the computers and employees below.

The airport office building consisted of a flat roof, beneath which was their ductwork in an open space just above a drop ceiling. The ductwork was wrapped with fiberglass insulation. During the hottest months, condensation would form, completely soak the fiberglass, which caused it to get black with mold and mildew. The resulting condensation dripped down through the ceiling tiles to the desks and computers below.

Synavax™ coating painted on the exterior of the ductwork, replacing the inadequate fiberglass insulation, was the solution. It cleanly insulated to stop the condensation and also stopped the mould growth for an overall healthier building.

The Solution is Simple

Our nano-engineered Synavax™ coatings offer an easy solution for all three of these major HVAC issues. By coating the outside of the ducts with our moisture repellent and mold/mildew resistant coatings, your ductwork is insulated for energy savings, reduction of condensation, and keeps mold/mildew and bacteria out of your air flow.

When new systems are being installed, you can also coat the interior of the A/C ducts with our clear zero VOC coating that saves energy and stops the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. 

Steps for a Better HVAC System:

Outside ductwork: Use 3-coats of our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O (available in white or charcoal grey) to insulate for condensation reduction and energy savings. It’s also mould/mildew resistant.

Inside ductwork: If the diameter of the ductwork allows it, spray or roll our Energy Protect™ coating at 2-coats on the interior of the ducts to add a mould/resistant, anti-microbial, layer of protection for clean air, plus it will provide additional insulating power.

Is your building suffering from any or all of the main three HVAC problems? Just get in touch with us for a cleaner and cooler HVAC system.

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