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Why Food & Beverage Manufacturers Rate Insulation Coatings

Whether they’re making potato chips, peanut butter, or cold drinks, food and beverage manufacturers often deal with energy loss on equipment that can’t be insulated with fibrous insulation. (If you’re in a non-food industry, you may also have the same issue in certain areas.) 

For many years they resigned themselves to heat loss from equipment in food sensitive areas because the insulation methods available just wouldn’t work from a performance standpoint and also due to safety regulations that prohibit their use as insulation near food processing operations.

Performance & Safety Issues with fibrous/fibreglass insulation in the food and beverage industry include:

  • It can’t stand up to continuous cleaning of equipment
  • Fibres have the potential to break free and cause contamination of products
  • It can’t easily wrap around all types of equipment
  • It takes up too much space
  • It breaks down easily in moist environments and gets mouldy
  • It causes corrosion and CUI of underlying metal substrates
  • Insulation performance degrades due to moisture

Synavax™ Gets Positive Reviews For Multiple Benefits of Thermal Insulation Coatings

Some of the big reasons food and beverage manufacturing facilities love to use our coatings to insulate equipment include:

  • Saving energy
  • Protecting employees from burns
  • Reducing the heat radiated from hot processing equipment into the ambient area
  • Reducing their overall carbon footprint
  • Preventing corrosion and CUI
  • Insulating with a non-toxic, water-based coating
  • Getting the bonus of mould resistance

And, there there is another very important reason related to food safety. According to an article in Food Safety Magazine, proper insulation is also related to the safety of cold food and beverage products, “Hot piping should not run in the neighbourhood of piping that transports cold food products, cold process water, etc. The warm-up of these cold liquids can give rise to the growth of food pathogens. Insulation of hot piping is required, not only to economise on energy, but also to prevent excessive heating of the food production environment above acceptable temperatures.”

When Synavax™ thermal insulating paint technology was introduced in 2004, it started sweeping the food and beverage manufacturing industries with a wave of energy savings. One of the first food and beverage markets that came to us for solutions was the dairy industry.

Dairy manufacturers wanted to insulate milk tanks and butter fat melting tanks and our insulation coatings for the food industry were a perfect solution. We helped keep milk cooler during storage and helped improve the melting consistency of butter fat, all from just a few powerful coats of our thermal insulation paint on the exterior of the equipment.

Here are just a few other happy customer stories and positive reviews from our food and beverage clients.

Breweries, like Grupo Modelo (Corona Beer), were happy with the energy savings and safe touch capability our Heat Shield™ High Heat insulation coating provided for large steam pipes. A micro brewery increased beer production from insulating their kettles and being able to bring their beer wort to a boil faster. How great is that?!

Snack food manufacturer, Holiday Snacks, helped keep employees cooler and lower energy costs by insulating their peanut fryer, baking oven, and oven duct.

Soft drink manufacturers have enjoyed energy savings from a safe for food environments insulation coating insulating bottle washers, steam pipes, and condensate pipes.

Sugar manufacturer, Illovo Sugar, was pleased to finally have a product to insulate their large sugar diffuser. They used our Translucent PT coating to coat the entire exterior to lower energy costs, prevent corrosion, and reduce the surface temperature.

No matter what industry you’re in, thermal insulation coatings can help you meet multiple sustainable benchmarks, like energy savings, worker safety, and asset protection. Another tip for sustainable minded companies is that our powerful Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating is famous for going to the “heart of the energy issue” by insulating boilers easily to help them and the whole steam system run more efficiently.

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