Do You Know What Hydrophobicity Is? Let Us Explain…

‘Hydrophobicity’ is a surface property that causes water to be repelled rather than absorbed.

Have you ever seen a plant where raindrops bead and roll off the surface rather than making the leaf wet? An example of Mother Nature’s hydrophobicity is the yam leaf. Other leaves and plants also exhibit the same water repelling characteristics, along with other materials such as the feathers of a bird.

When Synavax™ coating technology was created, we took various cues from Mother Nature, and one of these was to utilise hydrophobicity in our coatings, while making them breathable (allowing water vapour to escape instead of being trapped). What this does for surfaces, both factory equipment and building surfaces, is multi-fold:

  • Protects surfaces from moisture damage
  • Protect surfaces from freezing water damage
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner
  • Provides mould/mildew resistance without dangerous moldicides
  • Water droplets collect dirt, removing it from the surface when it rains
  • Moisture resistant insulation remains as effective years later as on day one
  • Protects metal surfaces from corrosion

Because our coatings repel moisture, they can protect metal pipes, pipelines, tanks, and more from corrosion. They also are not a hospitable environment for mold, mildew or fungus to grow, because they all require moisture. And if a coating is hydrophobic, then it’s naturally icephobic too, because ice is just a colder form of water. So all those things are connected.

The property of being “icephobic” or preventing ice or icicles from attaching to a surface is useful in a number of applications, such as windmill blades, residential and commercial roofs, porch overhangs, outdoor tanks and lines, LNG tanks, airport equipment, car, train and subway tunnels, cell towers, and a number of other areas.

What does this mean to you if you’re wanting to insulate a steam pipe or boiler or looking for skylight or wall insulation to increase energy efficiency in a building? It means you get much more than just insulation.

You get insulation that also:

  • Doesn’t cause corrosion or CUI, but instead prevents it. 
  • Won’t degrade or get soggy due to rain or humid factory environments.
  • Keeps your surface mould/mildew resistant.
  • Keeps your surface clean, reducing the cost of power washing.
  • Can improve air quality due to the mould/mildew resistance.
  • Reduces ice and icicle formation to improve safety or improve equipment function
  • Can protect brick and concrete structures from freeze damage, when water infiltrates the structure and then expands due to freeing weather.

And because we have such respect for Mother Nature, all our coatings are also water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic. Meaning you’re using a technology to improve your sustainability and energy savings that is also itself sustainably made.

If you’d like to know how Synavax™ coatings can help you insulate equipment or buildings,  please get in touch for a chat about your requirements.

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