Building Coatings by Synavax™

Synavax™ insulating coatings technology is the top choice for a wide variety of thermal insulation applications over building surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, skylights, ductwork and more to increase building energy efficiency. Our patented clear thermal insulating coating technology improves building energy efficiency easily while also providing stay clean and protective benefits.Typically reported energy reduction for the building sector is 25-40%, with paybacks in 3-5 years.

A coating specification will be provided before you purchase, which will calculate your estimated energy savings and product cost.

Clear coatings

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Muller Trading Co

Energy Protect™ was applied to a historical 1800’s solid brick wall building, keeping the unique look of the building intact whilst delivering energy savings and UV and moisture resistance.

Traditional foam boards are now superfluous as they are expensive and change the appearance of brick buildings

Network Southeast

Synavax’s™ Energy Protect™ was used to protect against heat loss through uninsulated walls and ceilings of a timber work cabin. Traditional insulation methods are outdated, and the nanotechnology was applied by brush and roller to provide energy savings and protection of the solid wood finish.

Private Residence

Energy Protect™ was applied via airlesss sprayer to the recommended three coats.Three years of energy data was compared either side of installation, which showed that Energy Protect™ delivered an average reduction of 46% in energy use.

Data Centre

Synavax™ Crystal clear liquid insulation was used on the roof of the building housing data computers which maintain electronic health records and make up the information interchange between clinics and hospitals.

The application reduced interior temperatures to a safe level for the systems – reducing the temperature by an average of 27%, and stopped equipment shutting down due to excess temperature.

Metal Building

A large manufacturing client in Mexico had an issue with heat transfer through a large sheet metal wall that divides a main mezzanine from an area that holds six industrial ovens. The heat transfer was causing uncomfortable working conditions.

Heat Shield™ Translucent PT reduced the hot metal wall temperature by  15.1C and makes the building more comfortable for employees

Bangkok Airport

Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was used to coat the aluminium sandwich panels, providing them with long-term corrosion protection and offering added insulating ability.

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ Translucent PT provided this state-of-the-art Airport with a state-of-the-art insulation technology that saved energy, reduced corrosion and condensation and allowed the beauty of the airport architecture to shine through.

Building applications of Synavax™ coatings typically report a 25-40% reduction in energy costs, and a payback of 3-5 years.